The Habits to Avoid for Top-Notch Oral Health

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Your dentist, Dr. Bin H. Park, and our Bin Park, DDS team care for you and your oral health, which is why we strongly recommend that you take great care of your smile. In addition to keeping up on oral hygiene, visiting your dentist regularly, and having a balanced diet, our team encourages you to avoid the tooth-harming habits that can alter your oral health. The habits to avoid include:

Chewing on ice: This habit is very harmful to your teeth because the brittleness and cold temperature of ice cubes can actually cause the tooth to crack and break. Ice can create microscopic fractures in the enamel’s surface, which could lead to bigger cracks, fractures, and dental issues in the future.

Using your teeth as tools: This habit can traumatize your teeth and cause major damage. A lot of people tend to use their teeth to open, close, and loosen things. If you do these things, there is a high chance that the pressure involved can crack and chip your chompers.

Grinding your teeth: If you participate in this habit, your teeth are also susceptible to tooth fractures. In addition, tooth grinding can wear down the teeth and make your chompers brittle and fragile. It’s best to protect your teeth with a mouthguard or use other techniques to lessen the blow of grinding.

These habits can harm your smile more than you realize, which is why it’s best to avoid them as much as possible. If you need help doing so, or if you would like more information on tooth-harming habits to avoid in Corona, California, please call our office at 951-898-5658 and talk to a member of our dental team. We are more than happy to assist you in any way we can!