We offer composite dental fillings in Corona, California, to give you the option of restoring your tooth and providing a natural-looking result.

Dr. Bin H. Park is pleased to offer this product to those who want an aesthetically-pleasing option and also wish to refrain from using silver amalgam fillings. Many people believe silver amalgam is harmful to their health because the product contains mercury, which is a substance that could be considered toxic. We never want to jeopardize the health of our patients, and we want everyone to feel comfortable and understood at Bin Park, DDS, which is why we provide this product.

The process of placing the dental composite filling is simple and easy. It first involves your dentist numbing your tooth with a local anesthetic. Once the tooth is numb, your dentist will remove the infected portion with a drill or laser. Then, he will deeply clean the tooth and make sure any harmful particles are eliminated. When the tooth is completely cleaned, your dentist will insert the filling, layer-by-layer, until the tooth is completely full. Your dentist will then trim and shape the top of the filling to make it fit perfectly with your bite.

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