Support Your Smile With Dental Floss

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If you have not already added dental floss to your oral hygiene care, it is important to do so immediately. Through the use of a dental floss cleaner, you can reach areas between teeth that you would otherwise miss by brushing alone.

An interdental cleaner such as dental floss is important to clean out bacteria and debris that may be present between your teeth. To limit the effects of plaque buildup that can lead to a toothache and gum disease, always make sure you have an oral hygiene routine that includes both brushing and flossing daily. Typically, you should floss once per day for at least 2 minutes per session. Make sure that you floss between each and every tooth and do not forget the teeth in the back of your mouth.

If you have any questions about products for your dental floss needs, speak with our dentist for product suggestions and recommendations. Typically, you should always focus on using dental floss products that are shred-resistant. Once you have selected your dental floss product, wrap each end around a finger on each hand and floss between each tooth gently, making sure that it can move easily between teeth. To prevent recontamination from occurring, move up and down a dental floss strand between each tooth. Never use the same strand for more than one session.

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