Quick Teeth Whitening

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Using over-the-counter whitening solutions can often leave you wanting for a better, brighter, more appealing smile. These products you buy at grocery stores take a while to work, and they especially won’t work if you have deep enamel stains or other problems that stand in the way of keeping your teeth white and perfect as possible.

But what if we told you a quick teeth whitening procedure existed? Well, it does. Let’s look at what it is and why you may want to consider it.

Professional whitening

Here at Bin Park, DDS in Corona, California, we offer professional whitening to our patients. This procedure, performed by Dr. Bin H. Park is far more effective than any whitening treatment you can get over the counter. This is due to the fact that Dr. Bin H. Park has access to far more powerful whitening agents that you’re able to buy commercially.

How does it work?

Professional whitening is similar to what you’ll do at home, only here in our office the risk of burning your gums with the whitening gel is next to nothing. Gel and trays will be applied to your teeth, and then you’ll simply sit back and relax while the powerful gel whitens your teeth far faster than what you’d be able to do at home.

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