Oral Health Care Year in Review: Toothaches

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Although toothaches can arise at any time, they are typically caused by tooth infections related to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or cracked teeth. If toothaches are not treated, it can allow numerous oral ailments and eventual pulp death to occur because bacteria will be able to enter the root of a tooth. Thus, it is important to have all toothaches treated immediately. Listed below are a few common causes of toothaches:

– Pain and discomfort due to erupting wisdom teeth

– Oral accidents, injuries, and blunt trauma to a tooth

– Swelling or inflammation in your head, neck, or face

– Severe pain in your mouth continues a full day after a tooth extraction

– Frequent high fevers and chills that have no other reasonable explanation

– Visible discharge and pus in the areas around the tooth

– TMJ disorders

– Mysterious and unexplained rashes on your head, neck, or face

– Pain endures even after using over-the-counter medications

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