Coffee Turning Teeth Yellow? Try Teeth Whitening

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The success of Starbucks and other coffee shops located at every street corner tells a simple truth. Coffee is as American as apple pie. In fact, people usually have a cup of joe along with their pie! Drinking coffee is a ritual performed religiously by millions of people every morning. It helps them wake up, become alert, and be productive at work.

But there is a lamentable side-effect of drinking so much coffee. It stains the teeth. Your once bright smile is now a yellow embarrassment. What will you do? You cannot give up your beloved beverage. Fear not, coffee drinker! You live in a modern age of scientific wonders. While in the “olden days” you would have to choose between giving up your coffee or maintaining your white teeth, today you are not forced to make that unacceptable “Sophie’s Choice.” There is a multitude of teeth whitening products on the market that will keep your teeth from descending into darker shades.

While those products will help you keep your smile white and bright, realize that you may need multiple applications over time in order to offset the continual coffee drinking. Your other option is to talk to your dentist. They will have access to professional teeth whitening products and techniques that will be even more effective than the OTC (over-the-counter) kind, and last even longer.

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