Choosing an Endodontist to Perform your Root Canal

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Endodontics centers on the treatment of the heart of the tooth: the pulp. The pulp is in the center of the tooth’s crown and continues in long veins down both tooth roots to other tissues in the jawbone. If bacteria reach the pulp in adult years and it becomes diseased, it can be treated simply by being removed with little consequence. The pulp provides nutrients for teeth to develop in childhood. After full maturity, however, it can be sustained by the surrounding tissues of the jaw. The removal of infected pulp is called a root canal. Root canals save patients from pain and teeth from extraction.

Though dental professionals are trained to perform root canals in dental school, a root canal can be a risky procedure for a general dentist. One reason is that some dental roots are curved oddly or are difficult to find. If for example, the root canal is needed in a tooth which already has multiple fillings or a crown, as often happens, the previous dental work may hide the source of the pain in the X-Ray. There are sometimes cases when patients need their root canals redone because there has been a procedural error in the first treatment.

If you need a root canal, we recommend that you call on a specialist. Endodontists study the treatment of diseased pulp for at least two years beyond dental school and are trained to perform root canals, endodontic surgery, and other procedures with exactness and excellence.

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